Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today is the Mr and my 2nd wedding anniversary! And last week we mini-celebrated five years together! Time sure does fly when you are having fun! I am so thankful for my sweet husband on this day (and everyday- I just get to talk about it today :) )

I am thankful that we both went to Catherine B's pirate themed birthday party five years ago
I am thankful that I just happened to sit down next to you to eat my dinner there
I am thankful that you didn't just walk away when you heard me screaming at the TV (in support of the Dallas Mavs- who are once again in the playoffs! )
I am thankful that you were sitting down when I met you (at 6'6'' you might have been a little intimidating standing)
I am thankful you took me to Tony's Wine Bar for our official first date
I am thankful you came with my WHOLE family for dinner and fireworks on the 4th of July even though we had only barely began dating
I am thankful you supported me when I decided I wanted to get my teaching certificate to teach elementary school
I am thankful you helped me move into my house with my sister- and even made moving fun!
I am thankful you've always liked my cooking (especially my cookies!)
I am thankful you always come to SMU games and support them with my family even though you are a die hard TCU fan
I am thankful that you didn't come to Todd and Sedona's wedding with me so you could go home and pick up my engagement ring!
I am thankful you proposed at the gas station so I wouldn't suspect anything after my dad let it slip about your lunch together
I am thankful you listened while I complained DAILY while I was student teaching
I am thankful that you travel with me all over the place even though you HATE flying
I am thankful that you dance with me at all the weddings we go to even though I suspect you never danced before you met me
I am thankful you put up with all my craziness
I am thankful you supported me when I decided I didn't think I wanted to teach anymore
I am thankful you brought me to Houston and helped me make a life here
I am thankful you bought me the best house ever and we are fixing it up together
I am thankful you help me paint every room of our house
I am thankful you always support ALL of my design ideas, even when they are probably not the smartest
I am thankful you pushed me to start writing this blog
I am thankful you are so supportive of everything I do
I am thankful you make me laugh EVERY DAY of our marriage

And because I had so much fun looking back through our old pictures:
summer '06- I think this is our first picture together

Nov '06

like I said- ALWAYS



ALWAYS making me laugh!



  1. I am extremely thankful the two of you found each other - y'all are a perfect pair!!!
    .....and ditto what Caro said, this made me tear up in a good way ;-)

    XOXO Noelle