Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Houston's Urban Market

The other fun part of my weekend consisted of spending an hour or so wandering around the Urban Market in Midtown Houston on Sunday morning. This is a three times a year outdoor antique market with some of the best Houston designers. I missed the February one so I was bound and determined to go this time around and it was completely worth it.

I didn't really NEED anything, but that's never stopped me from browsing or buying (who am I kidding!) I found a lot of amazing items and really everything was reasonably priced too which is great. I fell in love with three booths in particular. Thayer Design, which had some amazing furniture pieces and art including this coffee table made from reclaimed wood which I was practically drooling over.

SO PRETTY and big. Big enough for our space which is difficult to find- our current coffee table is a little dinky for the size of the room but that's okay. As much as I loved the table I certainly am not in the market for one right now. I also saw an amazing large round upholstered coffee table with tufting and fabric covered buttons. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of it.

Then I found my way to Gracie's Custom Interiors. She had some wonderful bedding, pillows (I probably could have bought ALL of the pillows) and upholstered furniture. Again, fell HARD for the most amazing upholstered occasional chair that would actually fit PERFECTLY in our bedroom and be much more comfortable/ useful that the small chair we have there now.

Isn't she beautiful??

I am still going back and forth- it was more than I was planning on spending for a bedroom chair but the quality was superb and the fabric perfect! I'm afraid it's sold but I may have to call and see about it if I'm still thinking about it in a week!

Lastly, but actually the first (and last) booth I went into was LeSueur Interiors which was in a booth with Sally Wheat. They had so many beautiful pieces including a painting that was so fun and colorful but still really clean lined and this wonderful chest

I love the color and want it for my bedside table but we aren't quite ready to make a major furniture investment right now. I did however buy a few small items from her shop which I'm super excited about. I got a pair of Delft salad plates, a weathered metal "M," an itty bitty mirror, and an antique Japanese gold leaf tray! Super excited- I have been collecting antique blue and white plates (Delft and others) for seven or eight years now and I'm always looking for more!

The "M" and the little mirror are going to become additions to my gallery wall and I'm not sure about the tray but at $10 it was too pretty to pass up!
I had a blast and even though I didn't have any major purchases it was great to see all the wonderful goods and get fun design ideas! If you missed this one, no worries, the next is in October and you should definitely plan on going! Look at all the fun other items looking for homes:
Can't find the card of what booth this was at!

Thayer Design

The Red Chair

Gracie's Custom Interiors

couldn't find the cards but I just loved this little arangement on the X table, oh and the big pillows!

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  1. I have lived in Houston my whole life and never heard about this. My husband and I love to antique shop. I have definately written this on my calendar for October!