Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The List

Do you ever have moments, or days or months where you just want everything??? I am having one of those moments decades. I am trying so hard to wait to find deals or just wait until things are in the budget and today is one of those days where it’s really hard for me to do that. I’m sure anyone that walked through our house would say its fine and pretty much complete but I just don’t feel that way. In an attempt to calm myself down, I figured I’d do what I do best- make a list- and publish it so that now I can always come back to it and remember what is really most important on my list and what can stay for now. We have done so much on the house in the past 10 months (HOLY COW it’s almost been a year) that it’s kind of hard to slow down and just be okay with things the way they are! Is that crazy?

Anyways- on my to do list
1.      Electrical work- this is something we are not tackling on our own!
We need to fix one of our under the counter lights, add one more recessed light in the hall, add an exhaust fan in the guest bathroom, and purchase/ install a better ceiling fan in our bedroom
2.      New front door
3.      New interior door/ door frames and a new pantry door (our doors are so flimsy and the door frames are a mess after someone threw up a layer of latex paint over oil based without any sanding or anything. Needless to say our door frames are constantly peeling!)
4.      Dining room rug- THIS ONE from Williams Sonoma Home
5.    Patio/ backyard landscaping/ patio furniture . . . $$$$$$$$$$$ I’m just seeing money signs fly away . . .but sometime hopefully!
6.   A large piece of art for over this couch- I love the blue plates but it just seems a little too sparse AND I already have a collection of pics (see my gallery wall) on the opposite wall so at the same time it’s getting a little crowded- we need a statement piece, so I’m on the hunt for that as well. Liking this right now but I think I want something a little more colorful
7.   I’d like a new rug for the kitchen area (I’m pretty stuck on this one for now, but I change my mind a lot so I’m not ready to commit quite yet)

     8.   New throw pillows for the couches in our living room
     9.   LONG TERM- I really really really want to replace the tile in our kitchen, breakfast room and Wii     room. It’s all one connected space and the tiles are just GROSS and they have HUGE grout lines which drives me nuts. I have tried and tried to clean them but it doesn’t do much good! AND I just want something a little different but this want = $$$

The list could go on- seriously- there is more- that’s how anal I am! But I am trying to stick with that because this list could easily take us all the way through 2011! It’s exciting and deflating all at the same time because I know it’s going to be a while before a lot of these things happen, but what a bad attitude is that! I am trying to be more grateful for what we have and what’ve done to the house AND for the ability to do even more. It’s a big struggle for me right now but I’ll get over it and for now- I’m just keeping these in mind:

 and enjoying my house as it is because I love it! It’s not perfect but that’s okay! (That is really hard for a perfectionist to say!) I’m jumping on the Nester’s "It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful" bandwagon, and I feel better already!

This is not to say that I’m not going to make changes or updates but just knowing that it’s okay if it doesn’t get done as fast or perfectly styled as I would have hoped!



  1. Suzy, here's one way to cross an easy thing off your your own throw pillows. I know you are hesitant about delving into the sewing word, but you can totally do it. Here are some great/easy tutorials. Love you!! Noelle

    Pillow from a Tea Towel

    No Zipper Pillow

    Hidden Zipper Pillows

  2. Do we ever have our house looking just the way we want or can picture? I'm sure even the greatest interior decorators have that one piece they still need or want. Even if I could go out and buy everything that I want for my home, I'm pretty sure 5 days later I would be changing something! But, I do know how you feel, I get the same way sometimes, but you do have to look back at what you have and accomplished. Your home is prettier than you think.