Friday, March 11, 2011

Gallery wall update

So it's been a busy few weeks but I've been slowly tweaking my gallery wall along the way and I am finally to a point where I think I like it and might let the wall have a rest.
Here is the before:

And the afters:

I moved a few things around and made space for Mr. M! YAY It's really one of those things that just happens over time I think. It's hard to find the PERFECT arrangement the first time around. And, who knows- i might still add a few things- I have been wondering about putting something small on the right side down low by P's childhood picture. . .might throw something up to see.  I might even move Mr. M down there- I still haven't decided if I love him where he is or not. What do you think about Mr M's location? Opinions are always welcome, although not always followed ;)

There is no wrong way to go about it and it is so easy to fix if you decide you don't like it, so there are no excuses! Go try it for yourself!

1 comment:

  1. I like the location of Mr. M. It gives height to that side. It looks great....come do it at my house. :)