Monday, March 21, 2011


Woo hoo- like my pun??

It's especially appropriate for us Houstonians during the annual Rodeo and Livestock Show! So, like I mentioned earlier- the knobs at my Hob Lob are on sale. NOW! So I went, fast and got a LOT of knobs. (That’s a really strange sentence…) I went looking for 12 crystal knobs for the refinished chest for the guest room. Then I picked up two knobs that I LOVED J but they only had 2 L so I couldn’t put them on our master bedroom chest. But I decided to take them anyways and see if there was something else I could put them on. THEN I found some really similar ones that I also really liked and guess what- they had 10! Just enough for our master bedroom chest!!! So I walked out of Hobby Lobby with yes, 24 knobs!!! HAHA P didn’t quite know what to think.
Anyways- on to the good stuff- I have now re-knobbed all of our chest of drawers!!
The original project:
 Please, don't notice that they aren't all on yet!

My bedroom chest

My current bedside table (which prob won’t be living here much longer)
And no making fun of my p-jammer! YES it is from 1986 and YES it still works!
The P jammer is the best! Still kicking! And it let's off less light than newer models and I like the room to be BLACK when I go to sleep :)

SO FUN! I seriously want to put new knobs (I guess I could just say hardware) on everything in our house! Its amazing what a difference it makes. I clearly didn't take any before pictures both both of these had very dark/ almost black small knobs. Nothing special. These make it so much more personal!

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