Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Lighting is here!!

WHOA! this is what I came home to the other day! Super fun surprise.

ALL of our lighting came in the mail and I'm pumped. I opened one up because I couldn't help myself. Look how pretty it is!!

Now we just have to work on getting them up. After checking to see what was under the old lights and really just in anticipation of putting the new lights up, we took down the current icky light fixtures and found this.... wrut wroe!!
PROBLEM!! That hole is HUGE! Looks like we may be getting some professional help after all because the hole is huge, that's some weird looking electrical stuff up there and the drywall that goes in will need to be textured the same as the rest of it! So my easy little project got a wee bit more complicated- but we can handle it- no problem!

In comes our great contractor, hopefully by the end of the week :) so that holes like this:

and this:
check out all that different colors of paint- and the nice little scorch marks!!

...will be back to looking like a normal ceiling.... and we'll have some lights again!!

I'll keep you posted

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