Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ikea frames

So, maybe I'm just a little late to the game, but I never really went to Ikea very much. And I certainly had never looked at their frames. Maybe because Dallas just got an Ikea two or three years ago and it was so far away I rarely went. But in Houston, the Ikea is actually pretty centrally located and easy to get to. FUN!

I could wander around there for hours- I love seeing all the set up rooms and kitchens! I'd bought a few things there before, the expedit bookshelves mainly, but after seeing some great frames on other blogs:

above pictures from K.F.D Designs

pictures from Emily A. Clark

I decided I needed to go over there and pick some up myself. Especially after seeing this:

KFD Designs

 it is just a sheet of wrapping paper framed in a Ribba frame from Ikea. GENIUS! and they take up so much space- it's the perfect piece of cheap "art" for young people looking for something large and modern-ish with out spending a lot of money. So I went down to Paper source and bought two sheets of wrapping paper- $2.95 a piece I believe and threw them into the large Ribba frames, which btw, cost $24! I had actually planned on getting just one sheet and one frame- for the guest room but then I found the most adorable paper that would look great in the kitchen, so I got it too and an extra frame. It was completely worth the $27 to completely change the look of the breakfast room.



Just a little bit more sophisticated, right?

I also got one for the guest room which previously was a big blank wall!
I love the happy over sized floral print!

While at Ikea I also decided to get three frames to go above the bed- these smaller Ribba frames were a whopping $14! And they are actually seemingly well made and pretty easy to throw together. For those I decided to get pictures that we had taken on trips blown up to 8 x 10 and mount them- like the bedroom pictures from Emily A. Clark. And I couldn’t be more pleased!



In case you were wondering, that is Antigua, Charleston and NYC

I think it fills the space nicely and looks so much better than the blank wall it was before :)

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