Monday, March 7, 2011

paint chips

Our room is blue. Baby blue. . . baby boy electric blue! I LOVE blue- it's my favorite color by far and I actually want a blue room. Well a blue- grey room. What I have come to find is that if i like the blue on the paint swatch its probably going to look something like a baby boy's room. So now I look for paint chips that are grey but have a blue-ish tone. So I went in search of what I thought was a good blue-grey and came back with a sample of this:
Woodlawn Silver Brook from Valspar

I really had high hopes for this one- and even though it has a bit of a green tinge in the picture, it really doesn't in real life. So I slapped a bit up on the wall to see what it was like, SURE this would be the one. I don't have a good picture of it up on the wall but let's just say this- it was much darker than I was expecting. I really tried to like it- I did, but it just wasn't working for my vision of the bedroom

So I started reading up on blogs about people's favorite paint colors and just looked at colors people had used and I came across Misty by Sherwin Williams (its 2nd from the top):

So I decided to try some of that, and then just for some variety I went ahead and got a sample of another color too. Also SW but I can't remember the name. It was too purpley anyways so it was out. But anyways, here is what I haven ended up with:
The whole bottom area is the Valspar color. The top right is Misty and the top left is the mysterious SW color. Also you can see the original color blue in the foreground on the very left side of the picture. Its hard to tell from this angle but it really is too blue.

So now our room has now been sitting like this for over a month. It is hardly noticable though because of it's location behind the bathroom door and on the side of my closet (that's why the pictures are so bad- hard to get good lighting there!)

Anyways- I am 99% sure the bedroom is going to become SW Misty and the bathroom might end up being Valspar's Woodlawn Silver- the lower color- it is darker than I wanted for the bedroom but I think it would be nice in the bath with the beadboard and the big window. (It too has the same baby boy blue paint) and I like the idea of the bathroom being a shade darker than the bedroom!
I'll let you know when I finally get off my rumpus and try to paint this enormous space. It's really not THAT big (14 X 15) but its bigger than any of the other room's we've painted ourselves AND we have a hallway you walk though inside the bedroom door before you get to the main part. It creates this very long wall that I am NOT looking forward to tackling, yet. One of these days, I'll do it though- and you'll be the first to know!

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