Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

How was your mother's day weekend? I hope everyone had a great time. Ours was nice and pretty quiet. We knew there was no way we were going to be able to travel to see either one of families this weekend so we just kind of laid low and it was SO relaxing. I seriously can't remember the last time we had no where to go, no work crews at the house and no major projects for us to work on!

We had a fun dinner Friday night with my cousin, and ran a few errands on Saturday.Of course we didn't buy anything just yet, P and I like to have a plan and a budget and a time line and know EXACTLY when and how our project will go down. Crazy I realize but we I am nutty like that. We occasionally splurge and buy something or start something big on a whim but not often. ANYWAYS- I digress- it was so nice this weekend so I wanted to sit outside to read my book. Seeing as we have decided to hold off on buying patio furniture until the fall when everything will be on super sale - we only have two chairs outside, and they aren't the most comfortable. I was sitting in one chair reading with my feet propped up in the second chair while P laid out on the patio, both uncomfortable and wishing we had new patio furniture- and we made a command decision.

The minute P mentioned it, I said YES and we were out the door!! THE LOWE'S CHAIR was coming home!!! I have been eying this chair for months now and seriously every time we go to Lowe's I sit in it- it is THAT wonderful. So we booked it up to our Lowe's and bought two- not the most expensive thing so I don't know why we waited so long- but the best money I've spent in a while. Let me introduce you to our lovely chairs

nice huh?? not too pretty but too comfortable to care!

They aren't the prettiest things- and certainly not our permanent patio furniture- but MAN OH MAN they are AMAZING. We laid out in them ALL WEEKEND and have the sun to show for it! Some of us have a little more than others. . .

see the beautiful cross tan line he has??

They are so much more comfortable than our others. They have a foot rest, a pillow cushion and a sun shade- and you can recline to the perfect angle and sit and read FOREVER! And the best part- they come fully pre-assembled. All you have to do is unfold! AND they are so easy to fold up we've decided they would be perfect to take down to the beach this summer! I can't wait!

So that's my awesome and exciting overly wordy and geekyweekend! I hope yours was just a fun :)


  1. Long time reader, first time poster. For the record, that red chest belongs to her husband, not the neighbor as someone so eloquently asked this morning.


  2. Those chairs do look comfy! But seeing your husband's sun burn makes me hurt!