Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bedside table

Another project I’ve been thinking about/ on the lookout for for a LONG time now is my bedside table. The one I’ve been using is great but it just looks so dinky and tiny next to our king size bed taking up only about HALF of the space it could. But I’m cheap and didn’t want to spend a ton of money nor did I want something out of the box, I was looking for something a little more special. After months of searching craigslist, antique stores, goodwill and on and on, I finally found my winner. For $30 this little gem was mine:

Solid wood Drexel chest of drawers from the 1950’s. YAY! Super pumped at this moment that I went out and bought what I thought was the right color, sanded that baby down and painted a drawer . . . only to decide it was too blue and not grey enough! So a few more samples later I landed on Gauntlet grey by Sherwin Williams. Grey with hints of blue and a little smigde of green. Perfect! I was so excited that I literally went home on my lunch break every day of the week to finish the sucker. Thank goodness I live close! Sanded down, two coats of paint, two coats of poly and a little oil rubbed bronze spray paint on the hardward done by Thursday so that it could dry and be in use before the weekend even started! SAWEEET!

So the best part of this is that now I’ve got a bigger bedside table space to put stuff on and my folded clothes (all but my t-shirts) right next to the bed on my side for when I roll out of bed. AND that has freed up space in the big chest so P can use those drawers so we can get the white shelving unit out of his closet and he can have his lower rack of the closet back to actually HANG things! AMAZING!
So here is the chest in all her glory:

no making fun of my p'jammer alarm clock from about..... 1986. It's the best thing ever and it's still going!

And my old bedside table in the guest room:

And the old guestroom bedside table (really just a bookshelf) now in the office being a bookshelf!

OH and the old shelving unit from P’s closet in the garage providing some much needed storage there!

YAY for the circle of furniture life!

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  1. the nightstand looks awesome!! and yes, pixel is a brittany spaniel. sam is adorable! reminds me of pixel as a puppy. (hubby wants a 2nd dog soon. we're considering a liver brittany or boykin spaniel.) have you had brittany's before?? pixel's energy didn't stop until she hit the 2 year mark. oh, and i must pick up that hgtv mag. thanks for stopping by pixelimpress! pam