Thursday, October 27, 2011

HGTV magazine

Have you all seen the new HGTV magazine?

The inaugural issue is out on the stands now and I am super impressed. They had so much information in there, lots of references to blogs and great designers and lots of tips on how to make your house look its best.

They had a section about house hunting and showed pictures of different houses, one whole spread about one couch five ways, showing how you can pump up your couch with just new throw pillows or upholstery
from the cover
another look
both pics from HGTV

The piece going behind the scenes of Sarah Richardson’s farm home is also great and you get to see the house in use. There are SO many useful ideas in just this one article.

Also- for my fellow Houstonians there was an article about bungalow style which featured houses all in the Heights. They talk about what makes a bungalow by definition, different paint color combos that look great and info from the owners about what all they had done to the house.

basic make up of a bungalow

One example
2 pics from HGTV

I was really impressed and super happy I threw this into my cart full of TP, paper towels and frozen chicken breasts as we were checking out at Sam’s last week! Definitely go pick one up for yourself, you won’t regret it!


  1. I actually know one of the couples whose house is in the magazine! He is an architect and she is a carpet rep. I need to grab one of these ASAP!

  2. Oh wow- that's so cool! What's funny is looking through the magazine somehow I didn't catch where they said Houston bungalows and the whole time I was thinking these look JUST like some houses in the Heights! I bet at least one of them is in Houston, then when I was getting pictures for this post I saw there was a whole article about it in the Chronicle! HA! I'm super observant! Def pick one up though the whole thing was great.

  3. Love it! That looks amazing! I just quit my subscription to Everyday With Rachael Ray, so maybe this should replace it :-)