Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gallery wall- final for now

I realized the other day that its been a LONG time since I even mentioned the gallery wall. . .like since the beginning of march!! that’s over 6 months ago! CRAZY. And going back and looking at it:

I laugh. YIKES! Thanks for not laughing at me back when I posted that. I kind of cringe looking at how unfinished it looks. Not that I am a gallery wall expert by any means, I will be the first to admit I know NOTHING about design stuff, I'm just picking it up as I go/ do! I still always feel like it could use something else or in a different spot, BUT I am much happier with the current showing than ever before.

No more half empty walls and lopsided arrangements. Here’s my final (for now) product.

It’s probably been this way since about the beginning of August and it’s the first time I haven’t looked at it every night and wanted to change it- so that’s a good start!

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