Thursday, October 13, 2011

Outdoor lighting

As we were looking for new doors I decided that I wanted to needed to replace the outdoor lighting as well. Our current lights are literally the absolute cheapest outdoor light fixture you can buy at Lowe’s (trust me, we did a little research!) So I started looking for something we could hang both by the front door and by the garage doors. Doesn’t sound tricky but we have some measurement issues/ height restrictions which made it hard to find something big enough that wasn’t too tall. Cue Lighting Direct for a bevy of beautiful options (including our choice)
Which is perfect because the bulk of the light fixture is below the base piece so the height wasn’t even an issue! Thanks mom and dad! What a GREAT birthday present. You’re the best! Yes, I got these two months ago, and YES I feel like a dumb dumb for just now getting them installed. . . well, a month and a half later if we are counting to when they were actually installed!

And more of a big picture/ full view shot:

And by the garage:
Checkout the before shot:
You can't even barely see the old fixture it was so small and dinky!
I think they fit in beautifully with the new wood door! And I’m not sad at all to see those $12 Lowes fixtures go, not one bit!!!

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  1. Great looking contemporary lights. They add a lot of character to your home.