Friday, January 20, 2012

Closet makeover

So while we (or a team of trained patio professionals really) hammer away on the patio, P and I have been hard at work inside the house!  Here's a peak at that work

Yeah, that's a LOT of concrete! Please notice that while they are still putting the huge pieces of old patio into the bed of the truck there is a guy pumping up the tires of their trailer! Don't worry they made it back. . . and we were still working away

Last year around this time we gave Patrick a lot more closet space by taking down the single rod/ shelf and replacing with some Elfa products from the Container Store. While his closet is still small and awkwardly shaped it has provided him so much more space to hang his clothes and the shelves give him spots for his shoes and workout clothes that he never had before! SO. . . I decided I wanted to "elfa" my closet too! Actually I've wanted to for quite some time but we had a lot of other projects to accomplish first. I waited patiently (depending on who you ask!!) and now is MY turn!

We picked up the gear from our local Container Store last weekend, they loaded into my car for me- so nice- and we got to work! I'll spare you the details of putting it up mainly because I went into detail when we installed Patrick's closet and just because it's so easy

Here is the before-(kind of- forgot to take one before I took all my clothes out. . . or the rod!) JEEZ I'm a bad blogger, but you can still see where the rod went and the one shelf. it's a decent size closet but with just one rod and one shelf behind my sliding doors.

Here is the plan
GSR stands for Gliding shoe rack :) Be jealous!

and a pretty sketch of what it will look like in person
The far right side is another small rod for hanging long maxi dresses and old bridesmaids dresses! And there is enough space above to hold my small suitcase! And see those shoe racks?? They glide- doesn't that sound nicer than slide- LOVE it. I've got one for heels- that holds 9 pairs and three for flats that hold 6 pairs each!! I'm in shoe heaven. And look at all the extra shelves to hold purses, sheets, extra towels, etc!

I'll be back with a final "AFTER" pic soon! As for now- this is what my bedroom looks like!

just keeping it real- things aren't always pretty around here!

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  1. That is going to be so awesome once it is done. Definitely jealous!!!