Friday, January 13, 2012

Patio inspiration

So we are hoping to redo our back patio sometime soon- it somehow keeps getting put off to do later and later but I’m thinking it’s coming soon! P wants to do it RIGHT NOW! In fact I think if it were completely up to him it would have been the first thing we did to the house! My thing is that, while its hideous and somewhat of a tripping hazard, it is still usable and when its 110 outside I don’t want to be out there anyways! And there are so many things I want to do in the house, it’s hard to make the choice to wait on those things I see/ use every day. Like painting the living room/ dining room area, or getting a new dining room rug, so that rug can finally go live in the guest bedroom! Or just some new furniture! We desperately need some furniture but it’s so hard to choose that over something that is adding value to the house. But now that it’s cool it would be nice to fix it up. So I’ve been pinning some outdoorsy items on Pinterest (which you need to be on btw! It’s amazing!) and I thought I’d share- since I’m not sharing the “we’re finally redoing the patio” post for a while!

So. . . I actually wrote all of that at the beginning of December (actually December 13th- exactly a month ago!) which is amusing considering we are now very close to re-doing the patio, as in like- we are starting demo this weekend and I'm super exciting. We bid it out to several contractors/ designers and have come up with a design I'm really excited about. But I still wanted to share all the inspiration pictures I started with- I'll post more next week about the whole project and how we came to all of our decisions!

While I have always known we aren't going to have such an amazing outdoor room as this, I really liked the striped pillows and the greenery growing through the pergola- for added shade in the Texas heat!

LOVE the globe lights overhead- and we could easily string them diagonally in the L of the house

LOVE the slate and the fireplace is amazing (although I already know we won't be able to do that but still amazing) and I Really like the white picnic table/ benches too

Stamped concrete in a slate pattern- LOVE

would love a little pergola- at least over the dining table and grill

more pretty stamped concrete

and some more!
Can you tell what I'm leaning towards???

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  1. Ooohhh, fun! I didn't know you were doing this already. Can't wait to see what you decided on!