Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So, in my long absence from blogging over the holidays I think I forgot to show everyone some of my gifts from Santa and the re-arranging that followed. Mainly, we got a new cabinet for our entry "hall" (really just a wall!) See the transformation below

First, here is out entry BEFORE:

And AFTER with the new console:

this is when it was still decorated for Christmas

This was one of my big gifts this year was very exciting for me. It's something I've been stalking on Home Decorator's Collection for a while, so I was pumped to find it on sale and with free shipping! Oh I mean Santa was pumped. It was actually even delivered before Christmas which allowed me to get it put together and decorate while I was off from work! And then re-arrange my whole house afterwards! P was so excited. . . but not really!

First off- this allowed me to get our DVDs out of sight- we were feeling a little like college kids with our DVDs on display
see them there over on the right hand side?

Then it allowed me to move our old entry table into the guest room. So we could move the very short and narrow table off this long wall.


And I went ahead and updated the paper in the frame- I never really liked the way the flowers looked even though I do like the paper

something a little more sophisticated

for an overall effect:

Then I could use the DVD rack for my cookbooks and Sam's toys/ treats, etc in the kitchen
*Sam's treats, etc sat on our bar which was always annoying


We are really loving all of the changes! Even if it took a whole Saturday to figure them all out!! 


  1. I LOOOOOVE the mirrored entry table. So beautiful! Everything looks great!

  2. Thanks Katie!! I have been in love with it for so long. I LOVE the white one too but somehow I didn't think it would look right in our room and I'm so glad, I'm loving how the dark one!