Monday, January 30, 2012

Patio update #3

So here we are about a week later and the patio is about 90% done! Very exciting. Just as a run down this is what has been completed:
  1. demo of old patio/ sidewalk
  2. set forms/ pour/ stamp the pigmented patio
  3. set forms/ pour the concrete for the sidewalk and side of house area
  4. pour concrete pad site for our storage shed in back of the yard
  5. replace & paint shingles on front of house
  6. replace shingles in back of the house
  7. Build said shed (more to come on that later)
Now all we have to do is finish priming/ painting all the shingles, get the grill re-installed to the gas line (after we decide exactly where it's going), put in the crushed granite around the gas meter and place patio furniture! Then in about 2 weeks they will come back to do a final seal of all the concrete!

That was a lot of work for one week! Here's where we are now:
pardon the debris- this was after a day of monsooning!

possible spot for the grill

cute little feet on the pergola and you can see the edge of where we'll be putting some crushed granite- we chose not to put concrete around the gas meter in case we ever needed access to it.

Where we need to finish painting- notice anything missing???

walkway from backyard gate to the driveway- this little area on the left will also be getting some crushed granite

and the new sidewalk- with no step! YAY

I'll be back soon with final pics!

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