Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Patio update

Since this is an ongoing project, I thought it might be kind of fun to blog about it in real time, so there may be a few extra posts here and there to keep you updated!
First off, let me catch you up! Our crew showed up bright and early Saturday morning and got to work. FAST. First thing to go? The fence with the gate so they could get by easier!
While we are looking at this- can we discuss WHO paints a door and trim the same color as the shingles- it drives me nuts for some reason!

Then they were all business- ripping up patio and digging out the earth for the new patio

is it sad that what I notice in this picture is the backs of my cute Dwell Studio for Target pillows in the breakfast room! HAHA

They cleared everything out of the backyard. . . .
and into the front!

YIKES! PLEASE notice the guy airing up the tires on the trailer after they put the whole patio in there!

Feeling a little bad for our neighbors at this point. Call me crazy but I didn't really grasp how big of an operation this was going to be!

And this is how we ended our nice little Saturday!

Then they were back on Tuesday to start work on the pergola and the shingles

This is what I came home to yesterday afternoon! And that's only half of it. There are two more holes waiting to be filled to finish off the base of the pergola

Look how deep those suckers are!

Then they finished installing the shingles on the front and will come back to finish the others!
We're making progress people!!! More to come from our updates this week soon!


  1. Long time reader, first time commenter! ;-)

    You are going to love your patio makeover and pergola! We redid ours last year and spend so much time out there. (but not in the Texas heat!)Excited to see your finished product!


  2. Thanks so much for your first comment! That was an exciting way to start my day :) I can't wait to share finished pictures! Be looking for them soon!