Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hall bathroom

The hall bathroom in our house is pretty much the only room in the house that hasn't really been touched. When we moved in, previous owners had already replaced the vanity and the toilet but the old tiles/ tub etc still remain. It's not terrible, it's just not my favorite thing to look at, and the vanity is extremely poor quality, as is most of the renovations done by previous owners. The veneer on the plywood is peeling away in several spots. It is also really deep which makes the bathroom even narrower than it already is!

So basically I dream about re-doing our hall bathroom pretty much all the time! And it seems we might actually get to renovate in the next few months (hoping!!) So I've started seriously thinking about what I want to do with this room. Beyond using better materials there are some design tweaks I'd LOVE to be able to do, if they aren't too cost prohibitive! But the most fun is looking at all the fun options for everything. So far this is what I'm thinking. . .

  • Dark floors laid in a brick pattern
  • white subway tile
  • white vanity with marble top 
  • pull out toe-kick on the vanity for use as a step stool
  • some marble accent tile in the bathtub
  • towel hooks (we are talking a kids bathroom!)
  • some modern hardware/ faucets
  • a round mirror with dark frame
  • Benjamin Moore's Seacliff Heights on the walls
  • some fun kid friendly fabric to (yet to be determined) that I can make into a shower curtain and window treatment 
  • a built in cabinet where my dinky shelving unit currently lives. 

The tall cabinet is probably my favorite feature that I really want but it will have to be custom built because we only have 12" depth so we may have to come up with a different idea, we'll see! Oh and I would love to have the toe-kick be able to roll out as a step for kids. Thank you Pinterest for such genius ideas.

So that's what I'm thinking, but don't get too attached, I've been known to change my mind a few times before committing :)

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