Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gallery wall #2

So I've shown you updates along the way for my first gallery wall which was a work in progress for a while. And that one actually looks like this now!

Just a minor tweak to accomodate a favorite picture of baby boy! 

Well I decided I needed to do another gallery wall. This time in our hallway. We have a VERY long wall in the hallway to our three bedrooms and I have always just had one row of 4 pictures up. But now that I have tons of pictures of Jackson, I felt like there were pictures frames taking over my house and they were all of just him, not even many of the three of us and none from before him! So I needed to house a lot of pictures on the wall so I could de-clutter and free up some other frames! 

My first gallery wall took me forever and I just couldn't figure out the best combination of objects, but this time I knew I wanted only family pictures which made it a bit easier. To keep a cohesive look I opted for all brown frames. Normally I would have done white/ silver frames but I already had 5 brown frames to work with so I just went with it. Then I decided to throw in a few gold frames for some pop. I had a lot of the frames and the rest came from Ikea and Michael's (during a 50% off sale!)

First I just laid it all out on the ground how I wanted it. 

There is a hole in the middle where there was already a picture on the wall! I took down all the rest of the pictures but figured this would give me a good starting point, and this particular frame was really difficult to hang so I didn't want to move it! 

Then I just went in rows from the center out and put them on the wall! This took me about two separate work times of 1.5 hours, to get all of the Ikea frames built, all the pictures in the frames and hung just right. I did everything while P played with baby Jackson, didn't want to wake him up hanging frames outside his room during a nap! 

From way down the hall. I may eventually come further down the hall when I need to add more picture but for now I used the light switch as my stopping point!

I LOVE walking down the hall now and seeing favorite pictures old and new! 

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