Tuesday, October 8, 2013

house updates!

So I finally took some updated pictures of the whole house! Be looking for them soon in the "Our House" page!

Love my stickygram collage on the fridge

our new reality- bottle drying rack

Breakfast room: 

This is ever evolving and I'm sure will continue to change as Jackson gets bigger! Right now that mat and mirror are where we spend most of our time during the day playing 


Guest bedroom
Didn't realize until looking at this picture I desperately need to fix my bed skirt! 

my office area in the guest bedroom! 


Jackson's photo-bombing already! 

the humidifier is the only thing I really still need to find a good / pretty place for (where the cord isn't hanging out because that's not going to fly once baby J is walking! )

Hall bathroom:
Hopefully we will be renovating this within the next 6 months! 

my favorite part of this bathroom! 

 Master bedroom: 
ugh, still need to get those cords for TV hidden! 

Master bathroom: 

We have now lived in our house behind the ivy for 3 years and its pretty amazing the transformation! I will add these pictures to the "Our House" page so you can see the before & afters! 

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