Monday, July 11, 2011

ahhhh A/C

One of the big reasons I have been a little tied up and not blogging so much is because we got home from our wonderful and perfectly cool trip to Chicago and walked into a house with the AC reading 89. . . not exactly what we were looking for.

I knew it would be high because I raised the temp to 82 while we were gone, so the AC didn't come on all the time. I should have realized 89 was bad and that something was probably wrong, but I didn't! I turned it down to 75 and went on about my merry way, unpacking, starting laundry and going to the store for groceries. Only to come home and notice it was really quiet in the house- OH the AC isn't running right now. .. that's strange. I walk over to the thermostat to check it out only for the thermostat to be completely blank. UH OH!

After several "quick fix" ideas that we had including replacing batteries, etc etc- we called for emergency AC service (this is at 7pm on a Sunday night in June) and shocker, they couldn't come until Monday morning! So we were going to have to sweat it out. UGH! But thankful our sweet neighbors gave us lots of fans and then had us over to watch a movie (in their lovely AC) and have snacks. When we came back late that night it wasn't so bad, so we braved the heat and stayed.

Long story short- the AC people (who I love by the way). RAS in Houston- they are great and super easy to work with! Anyways- they come out Monday morning, tell me the BAD news. Like BAD BAD news- new evaporative coil, and pipework and the big box that all the ductwork stems out from ALL need to be replaced. Water was almost overflowing out of the drain pan, mold in the box, freon leak. It was like problme after problem after even worse problem. YUCK! But they were great and seriously had someone out at the house installing everything at 2:30pm the next day! Within an hour my front yard looked like this:

And those poor guys were up in my attic until 8:30 NO KIDDING they worked so hard and I can't even imagine how hot it was up there! Right before they finished and turned everything back on, this is what my thermostat looked like!


Needless to say we now have a shiny new AC and pipes and ductwork up in the attic- you should come by and take a look!! It's REAL nice. But in the meantime, looks like we'll be putting off a few projects, including the new front door I wanted to get just in time for our 1 year house anniversary :( SAD

The joys of homeownership is all you can say! And thank goodness for a good AC!

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