Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marshall's Home Goods

So- I made the mistake of going to Marshall's Home Goods last weekend.  . . and spent too much money. Enough so that I felt guilty and gladly returned one of two lamps I bought (because it was too big for the space) BUT I'm super loving my two purchases and found like 5 other things I wanted as well!

Anyways- I forgot to take before pictures of this mirror but it was on sale for CHEAP but it was a dark rustic wood tone. So I bought it and sprayed it with Valspar's White laquer spray paint and we are LOVING it!! Just need to hang it now :)

AND I bought the cutest little lamp. I seriously LOVE the pop of color it adds against the navy walls in the guest room and how much more modern it is than our old lamp (that my husband loves but I just don't like!)

Easier to tell the color with the light off but its just so pretty with it's tall drum shade all lit up!

Have you found any fun deals recently? I feel like every store I walk into is having a major sale! SO FUN :)

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