Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Early Birthday to me!!

P gave me my early birthday present this week and it was GOOD. REALLY GOOD!! He did GREAT

I am so excited to show you my gift:
Pre-hung of course

Oh and he got me this!!!
Do you know what it is???

getting closer. . .

PIZZA from my favorite Chicago pizzeria- Lou Malnati's!

I was almost as excited about the pizzas as I was about the door (almost!)
Lou Malnati's pizza and a pretty wood front door - what more could I ask for


  1. Your new front door looks like our front door. We love ours. Funny how something like a new front door can totally change the look and feel of a house. Happy Birthday to YOU (a day early)!

  2. "what more could i ask for?"

    how about some pepto bismol and a mail slot?

    *if the message is deleted, your cubical quadrant contract will be terminated and you will be moved to the basement.