Friday, July 8, 2011


So clearly, I've been an absentee blogger lately... sorry for that. We've just been having too much fun- thought I'd let you in on too, and just stop by and say hello!!

First and foremost we went to Chicago for a fun little trip to get away from the heat and it was just wonderful!!

I mean- what is not to love about this city (at least before winter comes)

Of COURSE we ate some deep dish pizza- at Lou Malnati's! It was the BEST!

Then a little Jonathan Adler store  (that was AMAZING btw)

And Billy Goat Tavern
Raise your hand if you remember that SNL skit....
It was insanely delicious by the way :)

And did a river cruise

And some Millennium Park

Had to get a pic of Bev's old building :)

and The Art Institute- among others

one of my many favorites

but mostly we just relaxed and it was SOO NICE as was the weather- I even had to wear a sweater a couple of days! PERFECT vacation. Seeing all these pictures makes me want to go back!! NOW!!

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