Friday, February 3, 2012

Living Room design board

Like I said before, we are simultaneously working on a few projects at a time! Sounds time consuming and it is, but it's always fun to be busy with projects that you enjoy! I've been looking for a while to replace our couches in the living room. They are both kind of comfortable but neither are really what we are looking for. They don't match and mainly they always look undone. The minute you sit down on it they are messed up and you have to re-fluff all pillows to look decent again. It's kind of like having an unmade bed, in the living room, all the time! They just look messy and ick. And they are both old couches that we acquired through the years from family so I feel like it's time we get a "grown up" couch that we pick and pay for! YIKES I know- I'm growing up right here in front of you!

Except not really because after looking for weeks on end with no success, it seems the only couches I like are a bit more than I was hoping/ planning/ can spend. So, we will wait a little longer and continue to add to our "couch fund" and in the meantime I am adding smaller pieces to the living room so that when we do finally get the couches the room will be complete! At least for a little while!

Here is my poor attempt at a design board for myself (and P) so we can see how everything really looks together. This is why I need a new computer and Photoshop (this was made in Word, forgive me)!

We'll see how it changes over time as I add the different pieces. Thoughts?

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