Monday, February 27, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I always LOVE getting comments from readers on the blog and I try to always respond fast because it is so fun for me to have people get excited about what we are doing! Last week I got an extra fun comment from Kat at WithyWindle. She has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! This is a first for me so I did a little happy dance! Thank you Kat, you totally made my day, even my week month, who am I kidding!!

The Versatile Blogger Award  is a really neat award and community really that was created by bloggers for bloggers to support bloggers. When you are nominated for the award you get to tell seven (relatively) unknown facts about yourself and then share your favorite blogs for everyone to go checkout! So here goes:

1.      I organize my sharpies in ROY G BIV order (anyone else??? I try to tell P it’s totally normal but he’s not really on board). .. just one sign of many of my hyper organization. I may or may not drive my husband completely mad re-organizing the house all the time or just trying to keep everything in its ‘spot”

2.      I am taking a photography class to help take better pictures for this here blog and it’s been very fun and informative! Hopefully you will see at least a small increase in the quality of the photographs on the blog as I figure the camera out more!

3.      I am actually pretty shy in person, at least until I get to know you. I am SO bad at meeting new people and feel super self-conscious about it.

4.      I’m a night owl- I think I get my best work done in the middle of the night! Pretty much every room I’ve painted in the house I started around 9pm and finished late night. I like to clean late at night too!

5.      I’m VERY reluctantly headed towards a gluten free diet.  . . and I’m not super jazzed about it, BUT my stomach definitely thanks me when I do! Purely Elizabeth makes my FAV gluten free stuff so far

6.      When I laugh really hard (usually at my sister!) I cry AND my jaw shakes like I’m shivering. It’s completely involuntary, and once it starts I seriously can’t stop! SO embarrassing! My family intentionally tries to make this happen so they can laugh at me J
funny, but not super pretty, especially in pics!

7.      I have always lived in the city, not even the suburbs, the CITY city but I desperately want to move to the country and be out in the middle of nowhere! Is that weird??

As for other blogs that I read, here are 15 that I read pretty much daily and suggest you do too! They are great!

3.      Better After
6.      Joy the Baker
8.      Blue-Eyed Bakers
9.      The Norwood Nest

Check them out, they are all GREAT and put up really interesting/ fun blog posts consistently


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, friend! I love your blog too, and you definitely deserve the award :-)

    1. Thanks Katie! I just left a message on your blog this morning! You've been right in my neighborhood! Hope you've had fun in H-town!

  2. Thank you thank you for the shoutout! Looks like I'm in great company! It was fun learning more about you, (I'm a major night owl too!)

    1. Of course! I love finding great blogs like yours! I think a lot creative people are night owls. My husband doesn't understand it at all! He's in bed by like 9pm, but he gets up at 5am which you'll NEVER see me do!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout! And I too am a bit shy when people first meet me- but once I get to know you I wont stop talking!!

  4. Yea! You mentioned your wonderful big sis in your post, I feel so important. haha Congrats again on the nomination! So exciting and definitely well deserved. :)

  5. hmmm... my reply email to you wouldn't go thru... here it is.
    how are you susannah? nice to see you in my inbox! and i'm tickled that your cards get comments... good to hear.

    how's sam? he and pixel need to meet! wish you lived near dallas. steve took pixel to birddog training recently in abilene (chief's brittanys here and now we're on the list for a puppy!

    i'm 80% sure i want a pool, steve's 98% sure he DOESN'T .... i've got my work cut out for me convincing him it's a "necessity".

    thanks for the award...


    ps you're now on my daily reads so i can keep up with you and the fam.

    1. Hey Pam! strange on the email, I'll have to look into that.
      Sam is good, he's getting so big it's hard for me to remember he's still a puppy sometimes. But then I look at pictures of Pixel and other brittanys and he's got a ways to go. If the size of his paws are any indication, he's going to be growing for a while more. I didn't know there was a brittany breeder in Abilene, good to know! When we were looking I just saw one in Midland that isn't breeding right now and Gabriel Mills outside of Austin where we got Sam!

      I've never actually had a pool at any of our houses but I lived in other people's pools all summer, still do actually! Thank goodness for cousins nearby that let me hang out in the pool anytime!
      So good to hear from you! Hope all is well and the pool consult goes well :)

  6. Thanks for the shout out, what a fun surprise!! Like you, I'm also a shy gal at first - funny that we've both chosen to talk to strangers via blogging, ha! :)

    1. Of course! I love reading about all of your amazing transformations! If I ever move back to Dallas I'm going to buy one of your flips, I SWEAR they are perfect!
      The blogging thing is funny isn't it- somehow its so much easier to leave a comment to a new person than strike up a conversation from nowhere!

  7. You definitely deserved the award, Susannah. Your blog is looking great : ) So glad I followed a link to land here : ) x

    1. Thanks so much Kim! SO SWEET! I'm so glad you followed a link to me too :)

    2. oh and PS- your abstract art tutorial with the chandelier is amazing! I might just have to give it a try even though I am NOT good at drawing at all!