Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Living room updates

Remember that silly little design board I did for my living room the other week? Well after picking out the items on the internet I started doing a little more research and looking at the dimensions and the products in the store. .  .womp womp

Pretty much everything I picked out wasn't really the right size for the spaces they were going in. The mirror top tables were way too small for the large area between the two couches, the rattan ottoman thing was way too short for the space and the coffee table, well it was okay actually. Maybe a little shorter than I wanted but okay. BUT when I started changing up my side tables I needed a different style coffee table!

So here's what I've ended up with:

I love that look and that there is a second shelf down below for more storage
Ballard Designs

One of the mirror topped table for where I had the wicker ottoman- going between the leather chair and the couch (from Crate and Barrel)
And this large tufted ottoman in this pretty indoor/outdoor (for wear) blue trellis pattern. It even lifts up and has storage inside!! From Ballard Designs

I really think the room is going to come together nicely! Now I just need to save up to get rid of our very worn denim couch!

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