Sunday, February 26, 2012

Patio layout!

Well last Friday, I showed you all the dining set we picked for the patio, which we opted for after we decided on the layout!

TA DA!!!
Please pardon the really terrible sketch that I did at night (shouldn't be too much of a shocker!) without a ruler or any sort of tools! But just to give you a rough idea! Pictures are forthcoming I PROMISE!

This layout having the three "stations" flowed really well and allowed us to utilize the space best! I never really thought we'd be keeping our old small outdoor dining table and two chairs but it works perfectly as a prep area for the grill and for people guys to hang out by the grill while they are cooking! And having the dining table on the large side of the grill allows us to have more people congregate there and for us to pull up more chairs/ table if we want to feed even more people! Right now there are chairs for 12 people on the patio! Which is a marked improvement from 4!

Oh and over in the corner on the far left side I put a gardening bench on the layout- we don't have that yet but there is a great looking one at World Market I'm thinking about, mainly because it can also serve as a bar/ drink station with a little tub you can fill with ice for drinks etc! Might be a nice out of the way spot to keep drinks outside when we have people over!

Do you like? Or are you sick of the teasing and want to see the pictures??? Soon friend, very soon!


  1. Love it! The firepit will be a popular place to hang out, too! Ours definitely is... plus, we can use it to hold cold drinks too by changing out the bowl in the center.

    Excited to see pics!


  2. The sketch is nice and all but show us the pics! haha I can't wait to see everything in person soon!