Monday, February 13, 2012

While Sam's away

While Sam's away, we .  . . redecorate?
HA! Well I'm sure some of you were wondering about little Sam while we were doing the patio/ walkways project on the house. He wasn't trapped inside the house all day, I promise! In fact he wasn't in the house at all! He is off at "doggie camp" getting some manners and hunting training and he loved it!

The owners were wonderful and we got weekly updates on Sam's progress: who he's been playing with and what's he's learned. And it couldn't have some at a more perfect time! There was no way we could have done the patio and sidewalks with poor Sam trapped inside for a week!

Anyways, we were missing him while he was away so I had to post a few pics!

Getting so much bigger! But still loves to sleep right up next to me

his favorite way to take a ride

When he figured out how to pull every toy out of the toy basket- if only he would put them back!

Can't keep him contained to just the tiled area anymore. . . he used the wall to brace himself and then climbed up slots in the frame of his crate. . . and trying to make an escape to the other side before I caught him!

His cute Christmas sweater and new toys!

riding on P's shoulder!

sleepy head!

This one just makes me laugh- it's hard to tell but he is laying on the center console in P's truck trying to climb between the front and the back. He got tired and had to stop for a rest!

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