Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunburst mirrors

I've been wanting to get a pair of mirrors for my dining room to go on either side of china cabinet for a while. I really like the two  photographs hanging there now (clearly- I took them both!) but I think i need something a little more reflective to catch the light from all the living room windows and bring some of it back to the windowless dining room!
So excited to have found these great sunburst mirrors from a local design mecca, High Fashion Homes

Isn't it great? Two of these beauties are on their way to me now :)


  1. so jealous! that is one beautiful mirror!! Love High Fashion Home! are you in Houston?? I know they have a store here in Houston-just didnt know if maybe they are elsewhere. I love going in there to get inspiration.

    1. I LOVE them too! I am in Houston, I think you were at the Blogger meet up that Megan (Honey We're Home) put together right? I think that's when I first found your blog. I didn't get to stay long and I don't think we were sitting close by, but I always keep up with your blog now! They actually do have a pretty good online store- the mirrors are special order but they only take about 3 weeks so its not too too bad! And it was the best price I'd seen on mirrors like this outside of Hobby Lobby and attempting to make one myself which I don't think would have gone over well!